Is This Thing On?

Earlier this week, a reporter from KBIA inquired about my latest film project called This Little Light.  Eagerly, I shared the premise of my documentary, handed her a copy, and encouraged her to watch it.  It seemed like something she might be interested in–after all, she is the editor of the online publication Columbia Faith and Values.  So, her interest in investigating and publicizing faith-related issues is quite evident.

“How about you come down to the station and do an interview with KBIA about This Little Light?” Kellie, the reporter, asked excitedly.  Without hesitation, I agreed.

After emerging onto the fourth floor of the building, she greeted me at the elevator and gave me a tour of the facility.  Soon, we silenced ourselves from the world, hiding behind the two monstrous doors of the production room.  I adjusted a headset over my ears and rolled my chair towards a microphone the size of myKBIA Interview face.  Never before had I entered such a fantastic realm.  I had seen it second-hand through television shows and movies, of course, but never with my own eyes.  It wasn’t surprising, then, that I immediately felt as though I was in a skit from Saturday Night Live featuring Ana Gasteyer and Molly Shannon.  As we began speaking into the mikes, I half-expected Alec Baldwin to walk in with his Schweddy balls as we conversed about festive holiday foods.  But no one pulled the heavy handles once the “RECORDING” light was illuminated.

“Say something into the mike,” Kellie instructed as she leaned over a panel of flips and switches to ensure the audio was working properly.

“‘Something into the mike’,” I joked with giddiness, feeling more like my cheesy grandfather than ever before.  Rolling her eyes at my tragically genetic sense of humor, she worked the board until it reached perfection.  Then she plopped down at the table and questioned me about the origins and significance of my film.  Over the course of her 15 minute segment, we discussed the initial formation of This Little Light, the misconceptions addressed within the film, and why those are significant.  If you’d like to hear more, stay tuned for a link to the interview!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with The Delicious Dish on Saturday Night Live, feel free to check it out here.

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