Keep Your Ear to the Grindstone, Gentlemen

As promised, here is the KBIA interview discussing the premise and purpose of This Little Light.  Tune in and let me know what you think!  The first link on that website will take you to the polished 3 minute segment that aired on the radio show.  The link towards the bottom of the page is the raw, uncut version lasting 12 minutes.  Feel free to listen to either (or both)!

Also, as mentioned in the article, DVDs of This Little Light are currently free.  All you must do to order a copy is email with your request and mailing address so we can ship it to you.  Donations are always welcomed, of course, and if you feel so inclined to contribute to the furthering of our visual arts ministry, you can do so at our homepage.

Perhaps one of the greatest things about This Little Light is that it offers information about Christianity in ways that are appealing to believers and nonbelievers alike.  It is not a film that forces beliefs onto anyone, but rather it is an attempt to describe Christianity so the audience leaves with a better understanding of the faith.  To gain a better feel for the audience of this blog, please participate in these polls:

3 Comments on “Keep Your Ear to the Grindstone, Gentlemen”

  1. Boom! Just listened. Bravo, Kelsey, Bravo! Your light shines so bright and I hope the information you are providing in this film reaches a ton of people. I’m even more excited to watch after listening to this interview!


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