Putting the ‘Hope’ in ‘Hopelessness’

In the aftermath of tragedy such as that at Sandy Hook Elementary, we as a people often find ourselves burning bitterly over one three-letter word.  “Why?” we plead in desperation, unable to make sense of evil.  And yet, in the silence of tears, no answers emerge.  The next quandary, then, becomes a question of God’s existence—or at least doubts about His true identity.  “If God is all-loving and all-powerful, why would He allow something like this to happen?” we beseech in defiance of our teachings.  Our voices punch the sky as though bullying our way into heaven to demand God to make sense of what has happened.  After all, maybe if we’re face-to-face, He won’t be able to be so silent.

But, if we truly believe in the God of Israel and His Son, Jesus the Christ, there are a few things we must remember.

Come with me to Columbia Faith and Values to discover what these things are.

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