Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

“My grandma has a shrine to Mary in her bedroom,” my friend divulged over dinner. His maternal grandmother had been raised Catholic in a Mexican culture, and because of her Catholic roots, she worshiped Mary – or so this friend implied. 

I could tell that this man, a passionate follower of Christ, loved his grandmother with a Spirit-filled heart. He simply did not understand or agree with Catholic doctrine. He shook his head slightly, lowering his fork and plunging it back into the main course. “There’s candles and everything.  It’s just not right.” 


Many people have long questioned the immense reverence Catholics place on Mary. Raised in St. Louis – or, as I like to call it, the second Vatican – I was spared many condemning remarks. However, my husband was born and raised in Texas, and growing up Catholic in the middle of the Southern Bible Belt didn’t treat him as pleasantly.  On many occasions throughout his life, people – including friends – would tell him that he was going straight to Hell simply because he was Catholic. They would claim that Catholics are not Christians, but blasphemers. After all, how can praying to Mary not be sacrilegious?

Find out in my most recent article for Columbia Faith & Values

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