Who Knew It Was National Poetry Writing Month?

Many writers are familiar with NaNoWriMo, the national challenge to start and finish a book within the span of November’s 30 short days.  Yet, that competition is nothing but a blurry dot in the rear-view mirror, so now is the perfect opportunity for another writer’s challenge: National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo).  NaPoWriMo encourages writers across the nation to publish one poem per day during the month of April (30 poems in 30 days).  Who wants to join me in the challenge?  If you feel so inspired, leave a poem in the comments section at the bottom of this post!  As for me, throughout this month-long journey, I intend to explore different forms of poetry, beginning with haiku:


The world becomes clear
when seeing it from behind
stained glass windows




Love is nothing
but kind and flattering words
on silent lips



We need to sweeten
this bitter Melting Pot with
a touch of Equal





The human heart
is nature’s way of bringing
music to the world






What is happiness
but glitter against the black
of the midnight sky?


7 Comments on “Who Knew It Was National Poetry Writing Month?”

  1. Meridian Prime
    I do muse over that line
    where the West began

    (could be fun – you never said it had to be “good” poetry….)


  2. so – is this a continuous thing? have we taken on a challenge in the dark, or are we keeping each other accountable. either way is fine with me, but I hate “getting it wrong”.

    there once was a girl from Deluth
    who tickled my fancy in truth
    I wooed her with candy
    moved on to the brandy
    butt became far too handy, forsooth!

    ( a large percentage of limericks are on the saucy side. )


  3. Bahaha oh my goodness, with you in on this challenge, I don’t want to do this thing “in the dark”! I like your poetry too much to let this opportunity pass! Looks like we’re on limericks today – I’ll post one later!


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