The Tug of the Moon

In lieu of National Poetry Writing Month, here is another poem:

My heart is a compass
forever pointing up –
or North
if you’re looking at a map.

My feet, unsure
where they’re going,
just know
to follow.

And, before I understand
myself, I change

Furrowed brows kiss
as I squint
into the future:
“Where do I go from here?”

like the tide upon the shore,
a voice roars

The voice –
familiar, though not
my own –
pulls me
the way gravity lures
water to the moon.

I find
it is my feet that respond.
One step,
then two,
until I’m running,
leaving my imprint
as I chase after the Son.

Feel free to write your own poem in the comments section below!  Let’s celebrate this fun month together!

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