I drive down the street and see a sign with golden arches and a jolly, redheaded clown.  Immediately, my mind recalls the last time I chucked a chicken nugget into my mouth.  I remember how my baby girl leapt in the womb when I shoved a fistful of French fries down my esophagus.  And, almost instantly, my taste buds begin to crave an outlandishly large cup of sweet tea that would sustain a desert wanderer for at least a few days.

Soon, a word emerges in my brain from a Catholic communications conference I recently attended: branding.  Of course, I am aware of the advertising world, especially when I suddenly start planning my next trip to DQ after seeing Blizzards on their commercials.  We are constantly bombarded with brands and the messages those companies want to convey.  Branding becomes an identifier, a way for a company to show pride in its product and differentiate itself from others.

I hear one presenter’s voice linger in my memory:

“What images and messages flood your mind when you hear the brand name ‘Catholic’?”

Tell us what you think of when you hear ‘Catholic’ and visit ColumbiaFAVs to read the rest of my perspective on the matter!

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