Your Mom Time Traveled

Scientists who have long toiled over the possibility of time travel can search no further.  This seemingly futuristic phenomenon has not only been possible, but has been put into practice, since the beginning of time.  In fact, since the moment Cain and Abel entered the world, Eve became the first person to time travel.  While Adam was out hunting and doing his thing in the new, fallen world, Eve spent her days nurturing and raising the children.  Which means she time traveled.

Time Traveling in Action

Time Traveling in Action

If you haven’t heard, babies defy logic and frequently break the time/space continuum.  What masterminds and prodigies devote their entire intellectual lives to, babies accomplish simply by existing.  One hour with them can feel like a month; one week can feel like a day.  There are no gauges or buttons like there are in Doc’s car in Back to the Future.  There’s just a baby.  And the way they feel that day dictates where they will take you.

I once heard that being in a room with no concept of time can drive people to the brink of madness; and, considering that Marie’s nursery lacks a clock, I can attest to that fact.  I don’t know if my insanity is caused by not knowing the time or if it’s because I cradle a miniature, blaring time machine so closely to my ear, but I do know I’ve lost my mind several times and couldn’t get it back.

So to all you brilliant physicists who refer to time-travel as “your baby”, you may be closer to the truth than you realize.

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