Your Civic Duty (Sort Of…)

Christmas music saturated the living room of our duplex as I rocked my daughter to sleep and stole quick bites of breakfast.  Suddenly, the Pandora app stopped playing music.  In its place came the familiar ring of a phone call, and “The Hubs” popped up on the screen.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Hey,” my husband replied, “I have some news for you.”

“What kind of news?”

“I’ll let you be the judge of that.  Actually, I’m going to send you a text instead.”

Uh oh, I thought.  My husband is adamant about telling people things face-to-face, especially when it’s “news”.  I braced myself, not knowing if I should sit down or jump for joy.

“Sent,” he clarified.  Moments later, the phone rang in my ear with a new text.  I peered down at the message:

Best Blogger Award

I was floored.  As I recovered from the incredibly thrilling shock, my husband continued to explain that Inside Columbia Magazine has put me on their ballot for “Best Local Blogger”.  I am honored to be categorized with these other terrific writers and be recognized by such a well-renowned Columbia publication.  So, naturally, I thought I should blog about that.

Truth be told, my name on that ballot has more to do with you, my readers, than anything else.  Thank you for your loyalty and interest in Kelsey’s Grammar.  I cannot tell you how much I truly appreciate it.  Thus, if you like me, my blog, or simply if you live in Columbia, please take a few moments to share your support and vote for me at the Inside Columbia website.

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