The Intent of Advent

Every year around this time, my mom would dig out a calendar and hang it on the wall.  She used the same one, year after year.  It was made of green cloth, and the top half was covered in some sort of colorful Christmas-themed picture. Yet, unlike other yearly agendas, this one only charted the days of December – and not even the whole month, at that. Cloth pockets sagged as they announced the first 24 days. What made this calendar truly special, though, was that candy sprouted from all of the pockets.  It was magical.

Well, perhaps it wasn’t magical.

In reality, it was the fruit of my mother’s hard work. After excavating through all the Christmas decorations in the basement and reemerging with this pocket-filled treasure, my mom rifled through our staling Halloween candy. She made sure to pair identical sweets – one for me and one for my brother – and place them together in December’s pouches. And, when my brother and I came home from school, we passed by the calendar and popped that day’s particular piece of candy in our mouths. December rotted our teeth away, day by day, year by year, until finally I asked my mom what this glorious invention was (and why didn’t we have one for the other months of the year?).

“It’s an Advent calendar,” she explained.  At the time, I had no idea what Advent was, but if it meant a month-long sequel to Halloween, I was all for it. Over the years, though, I learned that Advent is not about Halloween, or even candy for that matter. Instead, the word “Advent” means “to come.”

So, in lieu of the season, will you come to ColumbiaFAVs and read more about Advent?

2 Comments on “The Intent of Advent”

  1. Remind me to tell you about the Ignatius prayer retreat that I did. This sort of reflection fits right into it, and I think you would really enjoy it.


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