The Disease of Pregnancy

In light (or darkness) of the most recent Supreme Court finding for Hobby Lobby, I find myself shaking my head a lot.  You may find yourself doing the same thing for similar or different reasons.

This is not a politically-oriented website, though, so I will spare you the details of my opinions and expect you to pay me the same courtesy.  I am not looking to wage a political war with this post.  I have noticed, however, that our citizens – which have become ever-increasingly apathetic about the voting booths – seem to have found their voices.  In fact, it seems that almost everyone has something to say, whether they are in agreement with the Supreme Court or not.

One particular woman voiced her opinion in a Facebook status:

Neither abortion or birth control are healthcare. They take a body functioning as it should and force it to disrupt its own nature.

Not surprisingly, her 23-word status attracted attention.  Facebookers crawled out of the electronic woodwork to comment on her post.  No one even hesitated to post their unsolicited thoughts, and before long, one of the millions of cyberspace debates began right on her own homepage soil.  One of the debaters replied:


See now I’m going to have to disagree… You know how I feel about this topic. That aside, I am going to try to make you (y’all) think… See most Christians say things like that regarding healthcare and abortion. Thats fine if thats how YOU choose to see it for YOURSELF, but think about this… I work in dialysis and I basically keep people alive through medical treatment right? Where as, if by your logic/ideals we allowed these people’s bodies to function, or not, as they are and ‘NOT DISRUPT ITS OWN NATURE’ they would die. Now where is the line?

I have heard similar sentiments echoed in other conversations, and regardless of whether you think contraceptives and abortion should be rights guaranteed to employees, there is something I would like to clarify: pregnancy is not a disease.

Sounds strange, but I didn’t realize that before.  I had learned that pregnancy was something to be avoided until you put everything else in your life together.  Therefore, when I discovered I was pregnant with my daughter (and did not have many of my ducks in a row), I felt contaminated.  The life-ending illness called Pregnancy had finally crept inside my body and thrived off my nutrients.  Even the diagnosis itself sounded dire.  “You’ve got about 9 months to live,” the doctor seemed to say.  It made me itch for healing, to repossess my body and make it perfectly whole and pure, the way it had been before my anatomy morphed.

That was until I realized I wasn’t sick.  Until I realized that being “put together” is merely a mirage, at best.  Until I realized that pregnancy was not a terminal illness that needed to be cured.  Until I realized that, in actuality, pregnancy is the exact opposite: It is what has kept our species (and every other species) alive since the beginning of time.

I didn’t understand much about the process since I had never been pregnant before.  I didn’t know what to do or what not to do.  I didn’t know about the development that was happening on the other side of my abdomen wall.  But, after lots of thought (and many emotional talks with close friends), I did come one concrete conclusion: Whatever was inside me (an embryo, a baby, what-have-you), it was NOT a problem.  It was NOT a burden.

Is pregnancy easy?  Heck no.  Is parenthood a cakewalk?  Absolutely not.  But what things that are worthy of doing are EVER easy?  Not many by my count.

So maybe pregnancy and children aren’t so bad after all.

What Do You Think?

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