What Kind of Follower Are You?

I recently launched my first professional website on Facebook (plug!) where you can find all sorts of information about my works, literature in general, what it’s like to write, or little ol’ me.  There’s a rush of something – excitement? adrenaline? – when people visit my page.  My soul is flooded with joy as my words meet people right where they are and (hopefully) make an impact.  When someone tells me they can’t wait to read my upcoming novel, The Chosen Son, my heart takes flight.  And when people follow this blog or “Like” my new FB page, I feel vindicated in the vocation I have so tumultuously followed over the years.

So don’t get me wrong.  I love you and appreciate your support.  I cherish when people hop on board my tiny little author train and chug along down this path with me.

But what does it truly mean to follow someone?  In today’s modern media, you can follow whomever and how ever many people or things you want.  You may visit some sites regularly.  Others are simply a courtesy.  Still others are a luxury you save for special days.  But none of them change you from the inside out.  None of them can fixate and fulfill you.

Not even mine, I hate to break it to you.  As good as I think my Christian thriller trilogy is, I don’t think it will consume your soul and make you whole.

So when I tell people I’m a follower of Jesus, I don’t just mean I click on a blue thumbs up and continue casually through my day.  I don’t intend to check in on Him occasionally…after I’ve caught up on all the other things I follow.

Instead, I try to follow Jesus like we used to play Follow the Leader. He stands at the front of the line with me behind Him, and I attempt to place my feet where He steps – despite the bendy, windy path.  There are times when He walks through some really murky things and I’m not sure if I want to follow Him there.  And there are times my fear, impatience, or short attention span lead me off course.  But I always try to find my way back to His line so he can be the only one I follow.  After all, if I chase after anything else or someone breaks from the pack and starts a new line, it is impossible for me to follow them both.

So what kind of follower are you?

What Do You Think?

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