Today Is More Important Than You Might Think

I look around the room at the messiness of my life. An overflowing hamper, a floor completely littered with toys, an unmade bed, and a jumbled mess of unfinished manuscript stare me in the face. Not to mention, the room reeks of my daughter’s most recent diaper deposit. It’s almost like they’re all taunting me.

“You’re not there yet,” they snicker, covering their malicious mouths with invisible hands. “You haven’t quite made it to the Promised Land.”

I cover my ears to shut them out. “He created me for a purpose,” I tell myself. “Is this really it? Laundry, poop, and a perpetual a work-in-progress?”

I sigh.

Would I ever become the woman God was calling me to be? Would I ever achieve what God has planned for my life?

In my mind, I picture God calling me to a standard of wife and mother only previously known to Mary. I envision my two young girls growing into strong, confident, faithful women who show immense love for people. And, somewhere in there, I hope it’s God’s will for me to finally finish this darned manuscript (and find an agent and publisher who love it so much they’re willing to spread it to the masses).

No more of this messiness business. No more of this incomplete junk. After all, who wants that?

All I want is for the grinding to be finished and God’s happily ever after to come. Only then would I achieve His will for my life. Right?

But then I realize I’m incomplete. It’s only through God and with God that He somehow transformed my brokenness into His own glory.

Even Jesus asked for God to take away the upcoming horror that was in store for Him.

He pressed His face into the ground, pleading, “My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from Me; yet not as I will, but as You will.”

But the cup did not pass. For it was God’s will that His Son be crucified. Only then could the world be reunited with God. And it was only after the hardship and despair of the cross that Jesus could mutter those miraculous words: It is finished.

I look around the room and rest my eyes upon my destiny.

Compared to the cross, the destruction in this room doesn’t look half bad. Laundry? Diapers? A little dusting? I could handle that.

And I realize I’ve been looking for God’s path without seeing it beneath my feet. I’ve been dreaming of finding my purpose without acknowledging that I see it, hear it, touch it (and sometimes smell it) every single day.

After all, God’s will isn’t some distant fantasy that will come weeks, months, years, or decades from now.

What if God’s will for you is what’s happening to you right now—today?

Whatever He is building for you tomorrow, He is laying the foundation for it today. So His will for you right now—even if it’s the nitty gritty, no fun stuff—is essential to where He’s trying to take you.

For me, these 24 hours filled with discipline, dirty clothes, and little sleep is, in fact, my glorious path. It is, indeed, my calling.

And I’ll drink from this cup as long as He lets me.

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