All About YOU!

“You have two ears and one mouth,” I’ve heard. “That way, you can do twice as much listening as you do talking.”

But after posting my most recent blog, it occurred to me I’ve been doing a lot of talking and very little listening.

You, my faithful readers, visit my site as I dissect my struggles and discoveries. I strip myself down to bare bone in hopes that someone’s heart might be uplifted by my vulnerabilities. In hopes that you—yes YOU—will find encouragement and strength from my words.

But now it’s my turn to listen. I’d love to know more about you so I can write more directly to your heart.

Take thirty seconds to fill out this survey. That’s the amount of time it would take to sip your coffee a couple times. Heck, drink your coffee WHILE you fill out the survey! Don’t worry, it’s painless. I promise.

From my heart to yours, I truly appreciate your time and readership, and I hope you’ll continue to visit me here in the future.

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