Hot Pursuit

My kids have a gift.


That’s what I call it, at least. Their ability to find me anywhere—at any time—is impressive. Albeit a little smothering.

After some pitter-patter footsteps and a series of “MOOOOM!” shouts, they seem to have no trouble locating me at any given moment. Even if I’m on the toilet.

So much so, I’ve learned not to try to do anything privately anymore. It just upsets the children. Instead, I invite them with me—even to the restroom—and they happily follow.


When I’m desperate (and in need of a shower), I’ve tried giving them their favorite things—milk, Mickey Mouse and graham crackers. But even that doesn’t do the trick. Their Momdar is still alerted. And sure enough, before the water warms, my youngest toddles into the bathroom to offer me crackers or play on the floor outside the glass door.

As if just being in my presence is better than anything else in this world.

I’m a wanted woman, that’s for sure. And these kids are in hot pursuit.

It’s in those long, dragged-out moments—when my desire for privacy is so palpable it practically slips beneath my skin and starts crawling—that I realize God actually wants us to seek Him this way.

He wants us to be in hot pursuit.

He doesn’t want one moment of peace and quiet to Himself.

He wants us. All of us. All the time.

He wants us to have a God-dar that beeps when we’ve strayed too far away. And He wants us to search, to ask, to call out His name until we’ve found Him again. Until we can sit at His feet, knowing that His presence alone is better than anything else in this world.

And yet, I find that really tough to do.

After all, if I had the choice to spend time in God’s Word or mindlessly enjoy snacks and TV shows, I probably wouldn’t even hear the proposition. My eyes would already be glued to the next episode of The Man in the High Castle while I shoved another Nutella-covered animal cracker in my mouth.

But what if His absence upset the children? What if we were in hot pursuit?

Because the truth is, He invites us to go with Him everywhere. All the time.

Sometimes He’ll invite us somewhere exotic and beautiful. Fun, even. Other times He’ll invite us to some pretty filthy places. But no matter what, He’ll be there, too.

And I want to be a child who happily follows.


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