A Little Bit About Me

Kelsey Gillespy is a St. Louis native who played Division 1 basketball at Indiana State University. While earning a degree in psychology and creative writing, she received national acclaim as an ESPN The Magazine First Team Academic All-American.

For years, Gillespy was a journalist for publications including Columbia Business Times, Columbia Home Magazine, Columbia Faith & Values, and Jefferson City Magazine.

She is also a published co-author of Winning Kids With Sport!, a textbook that delivers sport psychology techniques to youth coaches. In 2013, Gillespy’s poetry won the George Herbert Award from Athanatos Christian Ministries. Her award-winning poem, “The Fall”, was then published in their anthology, Descant. Two short years later, her first fiction piece picked up publishing rights. Her essay “Until He Was Gone” can be found on Amazon in the Birds of Passage anthology.

Gillespy now turns her determined eye to the blank page and welcomes the joys and challenges of writing children’s books and young adult speculative fiction. Furthermore, she publishes inspirational and uplifting posts on her blog.

In the midst of everything, she homeschools her big kindergartener, gets her fitness fix with Camp Gladiator, and thanks God for all the moments she gets to spend with her husband and three kiddos.


7 Comments on “A Little Bit About Me

  1. It was a pleasure to watch you play basketball for 4 years at Indiana State, but now it’s even more exciting to see you writing about your faith and discipleship!


  2. Thanks so much for all your support Dr. Sanders–both in the past and in the present. It is very much appreciated and I hope you are doing well! Perhaps I’ll see you at the Hulman Center sometime if we can make it up there for a game.


  3. I know God has a plan for my life and I think the “next chapter” is to share my story. My problem is that I don’t think I am not really a writer! Do you have any “words of wisdom” for me?


  4. Thanks for sharing this step in your journey with me! The first step, I think, is to spend a lot of time in prayer about everything. Be persistent, honest, and open while talking to God about what He has planned for you. If He continues to place it on your heart that you should be a writer, the next step I took was to find freelance writing jobs in the area. That is not only an excellent networking opportunity (which is invaluable), but it also helps build your portfolio and readership base (which are also invaluable). Not to mention it helps pay the bills. With all that extra practice, your writing skills will get stronger. Plus, extra practice in combination with a larger writing network will put you in a better position to create and publish your story. Those would be my two cents! I hope that helped! Good luck to you! I look forward to seeing where God takes you!


  5. Thank you so much for your response! God has basically cleared my schedule to make Him my number one priority! My relationship with God has grown so much closer since I lost my old job. Now I am looking for His leadership in a new direction…His direction! I am learning to trust Him more, but I lack confidence in myself and what He really wants me to do. I am learning patience…slowly!


  6. Boy, patience is a tough thing to learn, isn’t it? Ironically, it takes patience to learn patience, so I think you’re on the right track! Keep following Him! Please keep in touch–I’d love to continue to hear how you’re doing!


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