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Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

“Why the Willow Weeps” Hundreds of confessions and professions of love etched deeply into wedges of century-old wood: the original romance that was never told,              scribbled on unprinted paper. The willow weeps as she outlives all of her favorite young authors, and stuffs the memories                           underground, keeping their treasured secrets             buried.

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The Tug of the Moon

In lieu of National Poetry Writing Month, here is another poem: My heart is a compass forever pointing up – or North if you’re looking at a map. My feet, unsure where they’re going, just know to follow. And, before I understand myself, I change position. Furrowed brows kiss as I squint into the future: […]

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Who Knew It Was National Poetry Writing Month?

Many writers are familiar with NaNoWriMo, the national challenge to start and finish a book within the span of November’s 30 short days.  Yet, that competition is nothing but a blurry dot in the rear-view mirror, so now is the perfect opportunity for another writer’s challenge: National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo).  NaPoWriMo encourages writers across […]

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