What I Do

Family9I am an author and a stay-at-home mom. I help women recognize their true beauty and potential so they can love themselves completely, live more joyfully, and impact the world in their own wonderfully unique ways.


4 Comments on “What I Do

  1. Hi Kelsey, I enjoy your articles. Almost as much as I used to enjoy watching you sink a deep three. Hope Christmas in your new home in Dallas is a good one. Received a Christmas card from your parents updating us on the next “arrival”. Is your book done? If so, where can I buy it?
    Bob and Suzanne


  2. Hey Bob! Thanks for stopping by and being such a loyal reader. I truly appreciate your support! I put Out of Bounds on the back burner to focus on a fun new dystopian trilogy. I finished one of the books already and recently started the next one. Hopefully by the time the next “arrival” comes along, I’ll have two complete manuscripts to polish, revise, and send to agents. Fingers crossed! Thanks again for checking in and I hope to keep in touch more often! Until then, have a very merry Christmas!


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