What Is My Capacity?

Published. That’s the word imprinted on every writers’ heart. As if the word itself is made of celestial light and angels’ voices instead of scratches of ink. It’s the ultimate dream to be mass produced and read by the entire world. Before I faced the first page of Capacity, that very dream pushed me to the computer. It […]

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It Takes a Village

It’s true what they say: It takes a village to raise a manuscript. Okay, no one actually says that, but it’s true nonetheless. Over the last year, I have poured countless hours (and cups of coffee) into Capacity, the first installment of my dystopian trilogy. It’s my baby, and I try my darndest to take good […]

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What Is a Beta Reader?

You guys! You may not believe me, but I have some pretty big news: I recently wrote the last sentence in my novel, Capacity. It’s been a long time coming. I’ve spent an entire year squeaking this story out, squeezing it into the early hours of my mornings or holding office hours at a local […]

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