“Can You Play?”

Nearly every day when I got home from elementary school, I picked up the telephone and dialed my friend down the street. “Hey!” I said into the receiver.  “Can you play?” As I’ve grown older, ‘play’ stayed behind, spending eternity with other childhood mysteries like Santa Claus. But why? Who decides when Play must be […]

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Is Christianity Simply Science Fiction?

In a society domineered by an insatiable hunger for the undead and a fancy for all sorts of science fiction, I can’t help but see the similarities between my faith and this fantastical fad.  I turn to scripture and find miraculous works of magic, supernatural powers, and an eternal battle between good and evil.  From […]

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Fed by Feedback

Lemon trees bared fruit beneath the bluish fluorescent lights of the underground garden.  A large tank held tiny, graceful lives and the black Himalayan liked to snatch them.  Now Bailey, the one-year-old cat, sauntered through the basement and clawed the cushion of the only open chair.  Her black hair stretched outward, like a porcupine whose […]

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