Lucy’s Story

Lucy Francka, a junior at St. Martin School in Jefferson City, is a multi-sport standout and terrific student.  She is one of four children in a tight-knit, faith-filled family.  And for the past three years, she has also been battling an eating disorder.  After spending most of her 8th grade year in a rehab center 5-hours […]

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Hate Crimes

Not long ago, one of my good friends was preparing to marry the man of her dreams.  She had searched for the perfect dress and in a moment of tearful triumph, pulled it from the rack.  The bodice was lined with gems, which then morphed into a beautiful lace train.  If my friend could have […]

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Little kids often go through an inquisitive phase that wreaks havoc on their parents’ hairlines.  “Why?” they ask.  Not once.  Not twice.  Always. “Why is the sky blue?” “Why do dogs bark?” “Why does Melissa get to watch R-rated movies and I don’t?” Fortunately my parents’ brown locks still sprout from their scalp, refusing to […]

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