The Power of Forgiveness

Motherhood has a strange way of creating monsters. Sometimes out of my children. Mostly out of me. It burns the wick of impatience until self-combustion occurs, taking with it the casualties of the young and innocent. Later in the evening, I’ll confide in my husband, retelling all the terrible ways I failed as a mother. […]

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For Giving

Frustration is not a feeling I like to be familiar with; in fact, it frustrates me to be frustrated, so I try to avoid it all together.  Yet, when I awoke this morning, a wild rage from the previous day reawakened with me.  I refuse to rely on unreliable people!  I guess I’ll just have […]

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I Must Confess…

I scooted my chair beneath me to nestle into my assigned fifth grade desk, then pulled two folders from the metal shelving that hung below the desktop and propped them up around me.  Just as I had been instructed. I always tried to do what was instructed. For me, the pang of being in trouble […]

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