In The Works

CAPACITY (Capacity Series Book 1)

“May your future be exactly what you deserve.”

That’s what the President says.

But what does Marian Bethlem deserve, exactly?

Growing up Red—the lowest class in the caste system of Genesis—she’s learned it’s probably not much. The Greens and Yellows seem to deserve a lot more. At least, they have a lot more. More privileges. Better jobs. Higher Capacities.

When it’s Marian’s turn to participate in the Capacity competition, she views it as a chance at a more comfortable life. One that might help provide for her family and get medicine for her handicapped brother, Jack. Then again, failing the Cap would be a one-way ticket to the Rot—the wasteland outside the city where survival is less than slim.

So what does she deserve?

Only one thing is certain: When she competes, her Capacity will be revealed and there will be no going back…

SELECTION (Capacity Series Book 2)

A mother chooses to keep her unborn son, despite his prophesied future to bring the world to its knees.


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