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Why You Need To Hold The Sauce

Thursday means one thing at our house. Pizza. I won’t say how long we’ve held the tradition of grabbing a greasy pizza once a week—that’d be too embarrassing—but I will say it has been such a beloved, time-tested tradition in our family that one of my son’s first words was ‘pizza’. Back then, he hung […]

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You Rule

I have four children. Three of whom know my name. The fourth is too young to have words, but she knows my face and, to her, my name sounds more like screaming bloody murder. The older three, however, have mastered the short, one-syllable word. Mom. They have become so adept at this name, that for […]

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How Do You Treat The Person Who’s Always There?

I do not exist. At least, that’s how I feel most days. My older kids have entered this fun, new stage where their ears have become deaf to the sound of my voice. It’s as though my words are nothing but the wind. I could scream that the house was on fire and they’d still […]

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