Birds of PassagePassage Home

Gillespy’s essay “Until He Was Gone” is available in the Birds of Passage anthology.

This Edgy Christian anthology, comprised of essays from a select group of authors, delivers hard-hitting messages about what it means to live for Christ. All proceeds earned through book sales will go toward Passage Home, a non-profit organization that aims to eradicate homelessness.




Gillespy’s poetry earned the 2013 George Herbert Award from Athanatos Christian Ministries, Inc., and was also published in their anthology, Descant.

Athanatos Christian Ministries, Inc, is a ministry committed to applying the Christian worldview in creative contexts to edify the church. Descant can be purchased on Amazon or through the ACM website.




WinningWinning Kids With Sport! Kids With Sport!

Published in September 2012, “Winning Kids With Sport!” is a book that delivers sport psychology techniques to youth coaches.

The techniques are applicable to any adult who wants to help their child maximize their potential and become the best version of themselves.

“Winning Kids With Sport!” is available for purchase through Championship Productions.



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