Sad Choices

My girls have had a tough time making good choices lately, especially when it comes to sleep. They refuse to nap, choosing to giggle beneath the blankets with each other in the top bunk instead. Then they wake up in the middle of the night to do the same thing. For hours. As the days […]

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How Many Times Do You Put Your Fingers In Your Mouth Every Day?

“I have water on my finger,” my three-year-old says from the backseat. I cock a brow and glance in the rearview mirror. Water? “How do you have water on your finger?” I ask. “From my water cup,” she answers, like it’s obvious. But before we got in the van, I stuffed the water cups into […]

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Is Christianity Simply Science Fiction?

In a society domineered by an insatiable hunger for the undead and a fancy for all sorts of science fiction, I can’t help but see the similarities between my faith and this fantastical fad.  I turn to scripture and find miraculous works of magic, supernatural powers, and an eternal battle between good and evil.  From […]

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