Get My Checkbook

It was a mad dash to the minivan. We had snacks, we had water cups—though they may or may not have been filled with water—and all three kids were stampeding toward their car seats at the same time. It was even rumored that all the kids had shoes on their feet. From the looks of […]

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In the Midst of the Mess

I have a confession to make: The past few months of my life have been one long string of crazy.  It’s been like God swallowed my life, then coughed it back up in a tangled, icky mess. Since I began writing The Chosen Son on July 1 (which is craziness in and of itself, might I […]

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Putting the ‘Hope’ in ‘Hopelessness’

In the aftermath of tragedy such as that at Sandy Hook Elementary, we as a people often find ourselves burning bitterly over one three-letter word.  “Why?” we plead in desperation, unable to make sense of evil.  And yet, in the silence of tears, no answers emerge.  The next quandary, then, becomes a question of God’s […]

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